Lunch Thyme


Goliaths are a tall and massive race of nomads who travel in scattered bands across the rugged mountain ranges of the world. When Lunch Thyme was but an infant, he was separated from his tribe during an orc raid and left for dead. Fortunately, he was found and taken in by some sympathetic dwarves who lived in a nearby mine. At the time of his rescue he was conveniently sized to live in his new dwarven home with his adoptive parents. Within a few short years (no pun intended) he had outgrown the underground mines where the dwarves lived and worked, and was forced to leave.

He set out on his own with only the vaguest memories of his kinsmen and their culture, relying on skills taught to him by the dwarves, his instinctual love of competition, and a hearty sense of humor. Even his true name is unknown to him (probably something like Vimak or Ilikan or Keothi), going now by the nickname “Lunch Thyme”, bestowed upon him by his dwarven companions as a joke in reference to his insatiable appetite.

His nomadic and inquisitive nature has lead him many places, while his charisma has given him many allies along the way. Despite his continued search for other goliaths like himself, he tends to enjoy the company of shorter companions. Daring that borders on foolhardiness as a common trait among goliaths, and Lunch Thyme is no exception, which is why he takes on dangerous adventure after adventure in search of fulfillment.

On one such adventure, he met a dragon-born named Klaa with an incredible tale of revenge. Identifying with his loss, and fueled by his desire to belong, he agreed to help aid Klaa on his journeys. Perhaps killing a few orcs along the way.

Lunch Thyme

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