The Harry Hugging Gang

Hella Dwarves

It wasn’t the most exciting day for our adventurers. After finally conquering the Keep on the Shadowfell, they came back to Winterhaven excepting a hero’s welcome. Instead, they just set fire to a bunch of crap.

They did meet a halfling who was being tormented in a bar for his wee stature. It turns out he’s a beaver hunter, who satiated Lord Padrig’s beaver pelt addiction. A circus performer, his parents were killed by a dire beaver during their trapeze act.

Lord Padrig invited them over to thank them for getting rid of Winterhaven’s kobold problem. He paid them 100gp and told them of his family’s lineage through Sir Keegan — a family of Bahamut worshipers. The Bahamutian theme’d portrait of Sir Keegan was too much for Klaa to take. He lightning-breath’d it, which ended the dinner before it began. Not even Mett Padrig’s terrible juggling could save the evening.

In town the “Harry Hugging Gang” — or something like that, as dubbed by Lord Padrig — met with a group of 5 dwarves. Their leader, Rangrim negotiated with them and offered a 200gp ruby ring and 100gp each if they help their clan defeat the orcs in Stonefang Pass. The Harriet Tubman Fanclub accepted.

On their way, they met a dwarf named Hadarra who told them about the sending stone she lost when her cousin, Flinka, was killed by the orcs. She also told them of some creepy cultist Dwarves who she blames for her cousin’s death. The gang agreed to help her recover Flinka’s missing sending stone.

In Timbervale the dwarves decided they were too weak to proceed to the pass, but the adventurers decided to go on without them. A young dwarf named Harvin Stoutflanks asked to accompany the group to help avenge his people and fight the Orcs.


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